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Default 10-08-2018, 09:21 AM

yah looks pretty good, I'm interested to see what you run at the dyno, please post your results, try to get log of the dyno run as well if you can

FF is 42 as well which is more normal, so just leave your FUA at 2 should be fine, you could try FUA higher like you had before if FF learns a little higher to compensate it may be better overall like that, less chance to over boost for example, at 8 where you first had it, you may need to make 3-4 runs to give time for FF to learn and get the boost back up again

if your FF is 42 and your duty bias at that RPM is 30 and your FUA is 2 the actual FF component would be something like ((42/100)*(30/50) - 2/100)
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