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Originally Posted by Izero
my JB4 is all set to defaults right now, and I'm getting misfires with brand new plugs and coils, and my avg ign values are like 6.8+

I've tried race gas without any changes, and I run nothing but 93 octane. Terry from BMS said the only thing that would fix the problem is the backend flash... which I think is ridiculous... I spent ~$500 on the JB4 expecting it to work nicely... it doesn't, and now I have to spend another ~$150+/- to make it work properly... I should have just purchased the COBB AP at this point...

The tablet has OTG support, it came with an OTG cable, and the OTG cable works when I hook it up to the JB4's USB cable in the car...

I'll buy the cable from or whatever and see if that works... if not then I guess I'll be selling all this crap and getting a COBB tuner....
Than you defently won't be getting support from Cobb nor from us. Cobb has decided to drop full support on the n54 hence why alot of guys are going mhd route

BTW were are u located. I'm sure someone in your area has a working cable that they can flash you and get you running right.

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