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Originally Posted by B48/B58 FUD settings as of v9+
************************************************** ************************
*B48/B58 JB4
************************************************** ************************

bit0 - Disable in dash BC button controls
bit1 - Disable wastegate adaption.
bit2 - Full time IAT spoof (for testing)
bit3 - Raise "boost over stock" cap from 10psi to 20psi.
bit4 - Disable startup sweep
bit5 - Disable over boost and run lean safety systems
bit6 - Equipped with back end flash map
bit7 - Slow speed CANbus

FutureUseA: Negative offset to dutycycle via EWG connector to correct for over boost conditions when PWM is low


When I delete codes why are they not deleting?

Ensure the JB4 has the latest firmware and ensure the vehicle is in diagnostic mode. You enter diagnostic mode by pressing the ignition button 3 times with your foot off the brake so all lights appear in dash. On modern BMWs codes can not be cleared with the engine running or when the car is not in diagnostic mode.

Can I run E85 with this platform?

E85 can be mixed in but with trade offs. The BMW B48/B58 platform has an internal fuel cap that causes the DME to reduce it's internal boost target as fuel volume increases above expected levels. Since E85 requires a higher fuel volume the net result is a lower boost target. While small mixtures of 10-20% can be used to increase lower octane fuels expect a little less boost when running it. If equipped with the factory PPK tuning the internal fuel limit is higher and you can effectively get away with a little heavier ethanol mixture.

What is the optional EWG harness for?

This plugs in to the JB4 connector using the same directions as the N55 EWG plug (purple in #9, blue in #16) and allows the JB4 to increase or decrease the wastegate dutycycle directly. Cars running a WMI kit may benefit with the JB4 being able to more effectively add boost. While those with certain exhaust modifications may benefit from having the JB4 reduce wastegate dutycycle to prevent boost creep and throttle closure. In most cases there is no benefit to adding in this optional connector. After attaching pins to JB4 harness plug the EWG connector itself to the factory plug on the wastegate by removing the airbox and unsnaping the heat blanket covering the EWG assembly. Installation is similar to the BMW N55 platform.

What is the optional fuel pressure harness for?

This plugs in to the JB4 connector (green wire goes in #21, black wire goes in #4, fuel pressure plug attaches to fuel pressure sensor under engine cover) and allows the JB4 to both datalog high fuel pressure and also offset the fuel pressure signal back to the DME adjusting fuel trims. This sensor DOES NOT increase the DME's internal fuel limit or its tendency to reduce it's boost target as fuel volume increases. It is suggested for correcting fuel trim issues in unique situations like for a larger turbo, heavy E85 mixture experimentation, etc. In most cases there is no benefit to this optional connector so only add it if advised by BMS after we review your logs.

Is WMI (water methanol injection) compatible with the B48/B58?

Yes! In addition to increasing octane WMI also supplements the fuel system allowing more boost and a richer air/fuel ratio under the DME fuel cap. Installation is the same as the F series N55. FSB blue goes to #14, FSB orange goes to #3.

Random Development Timeline:

6/18/15: Just placed an order for a Mediterranean Blue metallic BMW 340i automatic. It will have the new B58 engine which I suspect will be very similar to the N55. But we'll find out in 2-3 months! Car is being made in the South Africa factory. Hope they do a good job of it.
11/27/15: Finally showed up! Only took six months lol. Will get going on some baseline numbers and tuning next week!
11/28/15: Got a JB4 B58 Prototype up and running including full CANbus control!
12/1/15: Initial Dyno Testing:
12/15/15: Early B58 JB4 E85 Dyno Testing. Platform is not really E85 friendly at least for now:
1/8/16: Early adopter systems are available on our website:
3/3/16: BMS B58 Methanol Testing:
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