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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S
getting tired of this , but anyways , what i wrote before :
same tune different hpfp , check the rail pressures .
i wonder how far it will go with E20 . if i can get around 21 psi on E20
i would be happy with this upgrade .

now : if there are better products , yes but pls put your effort in such a thread and do not pollute mine with whatever info you might have that doesnt help anybody else
Kind of odd all the flack you're getting. The difference between the two pumps when the requested rail pressure is 2000 is clearly evident in the logs you've posted. The reason you're not seeing higher pressures is because the tune isn't requesting it... I think the point being missed here by the other party is that your re-tune and future logs are going to "stress test" the pump in its ability to maintain a higher rail pressure under more load. As of right now we know that the pump is in fact stronger than the OEM pump. If the pump maintains higher pressures (if required) under more load or E20 fueling then we have some concrete data to say that the pump is MUCH stronger than the OEM. Again... I don't know why you're being heckled for the work you've done when the preliminary data is pointing us in the right direction.

Thanks again for all your work on this venture, and I look forward to the future results.

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