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Originally Posted by IK6SPEED
I see the upgrade still struggling to hold 2000 PSI.

Regardless, some people would rather run on lower pressure and on the ragged edge over 2k. Well wait till the first one blows up and a used engine is 15K installed.

Tuners lower pressure to put squeeze a little further however the problem still is the problem. If that's the solution then turn the requested pressure to 1800 and the stock pump will hold 18 psi, no need for an upgrade. One could tune with 18 psi low fuel pressure and no timing and could make 350 hp. Which would not require a pump at all.

AGAIN, who cares how much boost if your not making power.

XDI or PI is night and day over this. Certainly more than 14bhp with a PS2 and all the other upgraded parts.
Why so much anger and hate, itís hilarious 😂

Why not be open minded and wait for some solid results good or bad to cast your opinion? You are going off on some random rant that makes zero sense.

Where do you see a 14bhp gain stated? So far all we have is before and after logs with zero tune changes. The oem pump struggles to maintain rail pressure where as the evo manages to maintain rail pressure.

Again load/boost, afr and iats will be the factors that stress the fuel system and itís capacity. I donít know why you mention timing, yes you need it for power but in here we are discussing the capacity of a fuel pump.

I agree here, XDI is still number 1. Iíd never consider PI as secondary controlled fuel systems arenít for me, DME controlled over any thing. I was close to pulling the trigger on a xdi-35 however held off after hearing whispers of other options coming to the table. Considering the same pump for the fords is cheaper the bmw tax they apply is joke.

The updated tune will most likely add load and the evo hpfp could take a massive dive...or it could handle it no problem. Until then we do not know.

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