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Default 03-05-2019, 10:17 AM

Thomas, I have one log request from you as I notice you have a PS2 turbo equipped to your N55. Do you mind taking a log of you going from cruising to 100% throttle at a higher RPM, say 5K WOT?

This is the situation in which my PS2 N55 would always crash prior to methanol injection. I could run 18 PSI without problem if I went WOT at low RPM and allowed the pump to build pressure as the turbo spooked, but if I ever went WOT at say.. 5K RPM (downshift situation for example) the pump would instantly crash because it couldnít provide the fuel pressure fast enough.

If your pump doesnít crash in this situation I feel as though as you might have found a winner for cheap replacement! Itís really show how stout this pump is.

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