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Originally Posted by Bours
hey guys when i do 3rd geat pulls my wdgc goes up to 99 past 5.5k rpm and drops boost by 5 psi...

i have a pure stage 2 turbo so.its not normal !

did a pressure test but there was no leak !
then changed boost solenoid but still the same problem

next step is to change the dv ?

i have the dv+ for a few months now....possible its leaking already ?
Post some of those 3rd gear logs for us to look at.

It's unlikely that the DV+ is leaking. According to this article, it basically can't leak under boost, because it operates differently than the stock DV. Basically, any boost pressure will hold it shut, even without the solenoid operating:

That said, I've seen several other people mention the same boost issue above 5,500 RPM on PWG N55s. I think they were all xDrive, too. This fella here seems like he might have the same issue:

Do a boost leak test again. Make sure you wedge the throttle plate open temporarily with something to adequately test for leaks behind the throttle, such as manifold seals. Don't forget to remove your oil cap, so as not to blow out the crankshaft seals.

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