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Default 320i N20 w/ Methanol Injection - 06-21-2018, 12:15 PM

Hi All - I hit the dyno in the 320i w/ Meth. Huge thank you to Ando @ Burger, he has been tremendous to work with on reviewing logs and overall support of the many questions I had.

Also, dynoing a car in Chicago is damn near impossible. Josh, ***hy, and Chris were all a pleasure to work with at P&L Motorsports (Subaru WRX shop). Very knowledgeable, and they were able to support my exact dyno plan in a quick hour over lunch. From setup to multiple runs on different JB4 maps, it was quick and efficient all from my iPad and the JB4 Connect Kit.

Car Details:
Model: 320i, RWD
Engine: N20
Intake: AFE Momentum
Turbo: OEM
Plumbing: ER Turbo to Intercooler & Chargepipe
Intercooler: VRSF Street
Exhaust: AWE w/ Mid-pipe
Tune: JB4
Meth Kit: Burger Tuning w/ CM7 Nozzle (Stealth Tank, Pump, FSB, etc...). WMI Boost Additive Setting of "55"
Methanol: Boost Juice
Fuel: 30% E85 / 70% 93 Octane

I did 3 runs of each JB4 map to make sure results were accurate and repeatable.
Map 0 - JB4 Off
Map 5 - JB4 320i Autotuning Map
Map 3 - JB4 Methanol Map

The boost levels achieved on each map were the following:
Map 0 - 8lbs
Map 5 - 16lbs
Map 3 - 22lbs

HP / TQ Numbers (Wheel) were the following:
Map 0 - 191 / 189
Map 5 - 245 / 254
Map 3 - 270 / 291

Overall I'm happy with the car. With the 320i being stripped down and RWD, when it goes into "Meth mode" you can certainly feel it. Watching the IAT decrease in temp vs. increase is great too. I hope to move to a 340i in a couple of years, but where I'm at in life, I'm certainly happy with the gains.

Happy to answer any questions for anyone considering the installation. I think I was able to complete the install quite cleanly between the trunk and engine bay.

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