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Originally Posted by tofu
Read the quoted text. He is associating the app with your failures as a tuner. Not fair to MHD in that respect.
I wouldn't consider Dimitri or Ken's tuning a failure as their names are synonymous with aggressive tuning (some would consider it overly aggressive) on the N54... I really only have experience working with Ken FYI.

There are a lot of people running their tunes and they make a lot of power, they obviously make their power in a very unconventional (some would say, wrong way lol) by using a PID system to achieve boost not correct boost errors BUT if you're willing to log often and dial things in with them, they can make your stock turbo car pretty damn fast... That's what all custom tunes are if you think about it, dialing in the tune based on your ambient temps, location, elevation, etc.

We won't know about reliability or turbo longevity for a year or two but I think calling them failures is really unfair based on the amount of the R&D they have done ALSO Ken has helped A TON of people in this community (me included) with non-tuning related things like fixing a bricked DME, etc - thankfully MHD includes this winkfp-type functionality natively...

Anyways, they don't own MHD and I wanted to start this thread to discuss the application - logs/bins/experience w/ the app, NOT the protuning solutions offered by Ken & Buraq. Let's be sure and separate the two because MHD & Buraq/Ken are not synonymous.

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