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Default 04-08-2015, 12:13 PM

Originally Posted by tofu
Read the quoted text. He is associating the app with your failures as a tuner. Not fair to MHD in that respect.

As far as your inability to comprehend simple discussion, that's a flame war best left for Jason's forum, where you can pay to have posts removed.
Wait what??? When did I mention BuraQ at all??? I voiced my opinion on how ridiculous it is that MHD doesn't seem to have many logs being posted and talked about in regards to these new flash maps. Then also stated its dumb for them to tell some people to wait for open beta, but then still accept new beta testers.

I also referenced the fact that Terry has asked these guys multiple times to simply explain PID. If you're going to come out and make claims on how much better flashing will be then you should be willing to bend over backward to back them up. Even for someone who doesn't fully understand the subject, its discerning to see that the tuners representing MHD could care less about trying to give as much information possible.

So I'm not directing this to just one person. I'm referencing the app as a whole, meaning everyone involved. I look forward to this finally being released so we can get some more great maps from BMS

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