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Default 03-04-2015, 06:41 PM

got mine in today! works awesome, efficient mode with flap opoen and active sound on sounds the same in any sport mode and flap closed with active sound off is super quiet. love it.

angel eye mod working as well as boost guage.

so if its 0-25 then 50% on my fuel guage is something like 12.5 lbs of boost?

Terry are you able to trigger anything related to MSA systems (auto shutdown and restart) id love to be able to flag all the conditions to have the car enter Ready mode, at will. reverse parkng for example will deactivate it from turning off. I feel like anytime the car is idling for more then 10 seconds it should satisfy conditions for auto off (if not in sequential or manual override button is not pushed) but would be awesome to be able to push and hold the autostartstop button and have that put the car in off-Ready mode, waiting for break release to fire up.

great work man awesome product
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