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That boost/fuel guage is pure awesome, love how it defaults back to fuel and retains that functionality a dead fuel guage everytime you stop looks silly to anyone else, props on that logic.

I definitely would like to help test/buy one of these with v2 firmware on it.
Can you hook me up Terry?

Some things I cannot accomplish via coding on my F83:
-3 yellow led side marker delete (inside the headlight unit only visible from profile)

-Fold mirrors on lock with remote (works by using comfort close, putting your finger on the 3 bars in the door handle) but doesnt work over fob

-Disable the car putting itself into neutral with the door open & seat belt off (both conditions are required) but then it puts itself into neutral and gives a warning about securing the vehicle from rolling, then also refuses to let the car be secured or go into KL15OFF. It will sit on playing music all night if you don't walk up to the car and push the start/stop button. Kind of ridiculous. The factory behavior when pushing lock on the remote is to actually have the car honk at you twice. Even more ridiculous if you ask me. The honking at me--which made me want to kick my own car-- I disabled via coding, but it still wont go into park or be allow you to secure via remote until the start stop button is pushed (activating the parking brake) then it behaves normally again. I can't understand why they wouldnt make pushing secure on the fob when its in neutral do the exact same thing as physically pushing the start/stop button and activate the park brake and secure the vehicle.

currently my only solution is to get another seat belt (passengers) buckle and leave it plugged in... which fixes half of the problem, the car shifting itself into neutral, thus avoiding the second problem.
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