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Originally Posted by chadillac2000
Trims stuck at 25 are usually indicative of o2 sensor failure. It also means you're in open loop fueling, which is not good for any type of WOT situation as your ECU isn't taking into account the o2 readings. Surprised you aren't getting codes though. Does fueling enter back into closed loop and get unstuck when you come off WOT? How many miles and what brand are the o2 sensors you have currently installed?
Has 45k miles, I am assuming they are the OEM O2s as the previous owner doesn't have any documentation around changing them nor have I. based on the logs it looks happy until the hiccups then sticks @ 25 (Open) according to the logs. * slight clarification, all logs were done in within minutes of each other and the car was never turned off so it looks like the Trims are going back to normal after a few seconds off throttle. My current assumptions are:
- Plugs , doesn't seem likely
- O2 sensors, replace all 4 with NTK?
- Exhaust leak perhaps

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