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Default How much Max PSI on 93? - 09-29-2020, 07:27 PM

So E85 is less prone to knock (higher octane) which allows you to increase the level of boost correct. The downside is that it requires 30% more volume hence the need for better lpfp, pi etc...

On 93 octane with a better lpfp fuel delivery is not a limitation. So therefore it must be knock (higher compression from higher boost)

So, if this is the case, How can I monitor for knock? to be able to work up a custom map 6? I assume to run a richer AFR I would need to modify the tables in the BEF? (Tunerpro)

Custom tuners have been able to reach over 600whp without PI (but other supporting mods) I am guessing map 2 and 5 are far below that.

Before the I got he car right it seemed to be overboosting (and fast). Right now it seems to be dead on for map 2 at 14.5 psi

E85 is not always available I would like to maximize the cars performance on 93.


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