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Originally Posted by nardo19
One more question George. Do the built in safety features have much bearing on stock ecu files? I noticed you guys talking about it a lot in relation to custom flashes. Sounds fantastic to have an extra layer or protection built in. What of stock tunes? Is this necessary?

I apologize for the noobish questions, but I want to understand your product before i drop money into it. Questions of tuning. I assume you have OTS tunes ready to program the JB4 depending on octane and supporting mods. Does Burger offer additional tweaks to the OTS files for my specific car? Obviously every car is slightly different and will likely need some adjustments from car to car on one of your files. How does that work? Is there cost for each adjustment? Thank you

That's great news and a great strategy. Thanks for sharing. Seems very reasonable.
The four OTS files are pretty well sorted and rarely do we need to go to map 6. WE can view your logs though and move to that if necessary.
Any additional safety added is beneficial. The ECU is relatively fast to react but it does this based on stock boost values. For example with AFR lean protection the JB4 would react faster than the ECU would as they seem to have put the trigger point for a engine check light relatively high.

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