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Originally Posted by suni_335
So I flashed the DME with JB4 BEF via MHD yesterday. Everything went well, I've set the menu 4 to option 2 and running map 1 currently (Boost is hitting 15psi which is the target) . Can't say if there's any difference in the car.. even I can feel it's more sluggish or IDK.. Something to mention is I'm with OEM cats and at the end of the week dawnpipes will be installed but yesterday when I was flashing in the MHD additional options as burble and etc I didn't select that I'm using OEM cats but instead I left it unchecked which means it thinks I'm with dawnpipes. Could that be a problem, make the car sluggish or something else? I also have rattle and in order to prevent it JB4 menu 10 is set to 800, menu 11 to 3000 and menu 12 to 1600. That I think are the best settings which I could achieve cruising yesterday. Any opinions will be appreciated , thank you!
No log ? I would GUESS car is sluggish because of menu 10 being set so low.
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