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Question 05-15-2019, 12:12 PM

Hi, guys,

I am about to flash a BEF with a MHD and have some questions as it will be my first time flashing a BEF.

The list of my mods:
  • RB turbos (first gen.)
  • JB4
  • Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP
  • Aluminium charge pipe
  • Silicone inlets
  • DCI
  • Diverter valves
  • Fully catalyst less exhaust system
  • FMIC
  • Oil Cooler Kit
  • OCC
  • PCV valve

Basically, I have all the mods recommended for a BEF installed, except a 3.5bar TMAP sensor.
  1. Which map should I use with my mods?

    For hybrid turbos, there are only E85 and race gas maps, while I mostly drive on pump (European - 98 RON, which is 93-94 AKI, I believe) or sometimes add up to 30% of E85. So, as far as I understand, I can’t use the E85 map/race gas maps. On the other hand, with a pump gas map I won’t take advantage of my upgraded turbos, no? So which map should I choose?

  2. I don’t have an android phone, I will borrow my friend’s to flash with MHD. When I purchase the MHD “load a backend flash” license, can I flash a map just once or as many times as I want in the future? And is the license somehow connected to google play account (i.e. I will have to borrow the same friend’s mobile phone in the future in order to flash another map)?

  3. There’s “I8A0S.xdf” file in the directory, when I unzip the maps. What does it do and why is it there? Should I copy it to a phone card's root directory as well?

Thanks in advance!
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