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Originally Posted by Bimmer_Boost
Keep in mind you're posting on the BMS owned forums so their recommendation will be for their own product. I bought the 7 inch VRSF before the HD was an option. I have run up to 25 psi and to 140 mph on this intercooler. It wouldn't have been enough if I wasn't also spraying methanol. I think you need to consider where you live (Climate), if you are planning to run methanol or even ethanol, and how far you honestly plan to push the car.

I would buy the 7 inch HD right now if I was buying a new one. If you do go with VRSF I would toss their hardware (assuming it is the same as when I bought mine) and make a trip to the hardware store to purchase a better solution. I am talking about the bolt/screw they use to mount the intercooler to the bottom of the shroud.
I dont plan on going the meth route and also its just going to be pump gas for me
So a larger intercooler should hopefully make up for that in a way.
Normal temperatures here in germany are quite low, with minor peaks in the summer. Not taking it to the track either.

Also I would prefer a clean solution, where the fitment and parts that are coming with the IC are great. If I need to build custom brackets to make it work, then thats a deal breaker.

Never really had CSF in the equation, gonna read up on them!

Anyone else with an opinion/advice , maybe?
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