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Originally Posted by Bours
hey guys im currently n55 FBO minus intercooler on meth 95/5 20psi and just ran 12.360 ET @ 113mph as some of you may know.

I just bought a N20 sensor and adapter to go over 20 psi

Id like to know if there is potential of going even faster and making bigger numbers by running like 23 psi and adding E off course to get better timing


past 20 psi on stocker there is nothing else to gain ? i know im pwm maxed out from 4700 rpm to 7000 rpm right now but will i get more torque or hp in the mid range or down low by doing so ? I wanna get my 12 flat before going PS2 let me know in the comments section below !

What are your jb4 methanol settings if you don't mind me asking. I am in a similar boat right now. Fbo e30 meth50/50

So far I have only hit low 18 psi on additive 75. However, I don't want to wear my turbo out, I decided not to go PS2.

2016 M235i EWG N55 - Empty exhaust - Charge Pipe - Intake - FMIC - WMI kit dual cm5+cm7 - JB4 FF and EWG Wires.
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