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Originally Posted by JB4OFF
You would have to evaluate the log and see for yourself. I would probably switch to 100% meth content and run some e30, if you plan on doing that. After a certain point, you'll lose efficiency. I mean you can only push so much air out of a straw. Your basically at 12 flat. Just need a better 60ft. I wouldnt split hairs over .3 milliseconds...
yea good info bud. In your opinion, past 21 psi am i loosing effiency ? e30 and 100 meth thats exactly what i was planning im guessing ill get more torque down low but nothing mid range and up (*maxed out and hp maxed out )

yea i need a 1.6 60ft ill practice on that

if this doesnt work at least ill have n20 sensor for my incoming ps2

feel free to give advice

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