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Originally Posted by za_1m
Need some help please as I can't seem to find related information...

My car had the older DME version IKCOS, as part of my initial MHD setup, I backed up the ECU with saved my stock IKCOS DME file, I then loaded the JB IKMOS BEF, which I'm told would have updated my DME to IKMOS.

I'm wanting a custom tune, but I was told that I need my stock bin to be updated to IKMOS, which I though would have happened once I flashed the IKMOS BEF, so flashed car back to stock thinking that the DME would have updated to IKMOS, it flashed back to stock perfectly now I can't seem to saved a copy of my BIN, I get an ECU exception error...any idea's?
As seen per email - remove your backup file before flashing back to stock to force an update, rather than reflash your old software again.

Originally Posted by pepper135i
I uploaded the latest jb4 update last week and have since flashed my ecu a good 10-15 times .. New update works flawlessly ! You get two flashes and it drops you to map 0 automatically . On a side note I have opted into beta testing via Google store but was wondering if this applies to BEF users ?
Beta channel is mostly used for MHD maps testing.

Originally Posted by UnoDos
Hi guys!
Do you know if I can use the BT cable to do the backend flash with MHD??? I'm trying to flash my car but de BB software doesn´t work, and I feel like I wasted 179 $....
Can't your return it?
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