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Default 05-08-2019, 07:05 AM

Originally Posted by dRDiesel
Your fuel trims are high and meth isn't kicking on you can only see it pushing 50% halfway through your first log. It should be 100% during WOT.

Did you just install this kit? Recheck everything or it can possibly be a bad FSB. Prime the pump with the app?

Also post your logs in the BEF thread or email them directly to Terry for now: B58 MHD Back End Flash Maps - - International Turbo Racing Discussion

RE: Fuel Trims: I see that but I'm not sure how to adjust the settings to lower them and think I need to sort the meth out before I start applying

Re: Meth not kicking in: I've noticed that and think it is pretty weird; the system has been installed for ~9 months and works perfectly [just tested the whole thing].

I will post the logs there now, probably more effective than just emailing to Terry.