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Originally Posted by T_H_O_M_A_S
getting tired of this , but anyways , what i wrote before :
same tune different hpfp , check the rail pressures .
i wonder how far it will go with E20 . if i can get around 21 psi on E20
i would be happy with this upgrade .

now : if there are better products , yes but pls put your effort in such a thread and do not pollute mine with whatever info you might have that doesnt help anybody else
We all know what happens as Ethanol goes up with the stock pump. Or those in the know do.

Actually, I feel I am helping many more than you who are smart enough to see this play out instead of plunking down funds for a different OEM HPFP.

Originally Posted by DB90
You are very selective in the way you try and put your point across.

I presume you are referring to the 7psi post shift boost spike to 24psi, once boost is back on target rail pressure is solid. If you can’t see that you haven’t looked at much data.
Funny as I seem to be the only one looking at all the data.

EDIT: Had datalogs reversed. B58 HPFP actually made 14bhp LESS power than stock

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