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Originally Posted by IK6SPEED
14 bhp. Guess Iím the only one willing to look at the data s:

Funny how the entire first page is all about plug and play with no tune.

Now we are into tunes all of sudden when I questioned results.

And if you feel that is holding 2000 PSI, you havenít looked at much data. Thatís struggling to hold 2000 PSI.

The only thing hilarious is how people have already gone all in on this.

As I stated upfront in my first post, I admire the effort to improve. Some work, others do not. But the initial numbers show this isnít much of anything and everyone is convinced it will come close to a XDI-35, when itís not even close.

You are very selective in the way you try and put your point across.

I presume you are referring to the 7psi post shift boost spike to 24psi, once boost is back on target rail pressure is solid. If you canít see that you havenít looked at much data.

The op states the pump needs no tune changes to run it. For example the xdi needs this due to the different frequency it runs on. Of course you would need a tune to take advantage of the larger pump no matter what brand it is.

We have 2 logs and some Bosch data on the fuel pump, thatís it. Again letís see the newest tune revision and the requested log situations that we know stress the oem pump to test this potential upgrade.

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