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Originally Posted by trebila
Nars, all this for a typo, really ?

many wrong things here, main one is when you say I'm using Terry's bef as a baseline.
and I've never said S55 tuning was the same than N54, I've said S55 ZCP and non ZCP tuning is the same.

glad you found what you were looking for with Terry BEF, as I've never got really good feedback from you with my tunes, for example, I sent you the last tune with ZCP exhaust mods back to stock, but you never told me anything about it.

Many other people running S55 ZCP or non ZCP are using my tune, flawlessly, and with good results.
But we can't obviously satisfy every people.

hope the best for you
David, this isn't all about a typo. Part of it is constructive criticism that people need to hear from time to time.

Did you forget that my car randomly stalled while merging on to a busy highway due to you not knowing the effects of increasing the fuel scalars on the S55? Fortunately, I didn't have my 2-year old daughter with me in the car, otherwise, you would've put us in an extremely dangerous situation... I think most people would've trashed your tune on the forums by then, but I gave you a chance to redeem yourself after taking a month off. Of course, this was after you didn't even apologize for the incident, and refused to offer a partial or full refund.

I didn't give you any feedback after the 6th revision, because everything was still the same with OEM burbles and start-up roar not working. The car would still go into limp mode after a heavy load, so I had just about enough of it. I think all you were doing was make the AFR target run extremely lean, which I wasn't too please with either.

At the end of the day, you're one hell of an N54/N55 tuner, but the S55 is a completely different animal. Just do a google search on how the DME behaves differently on the S55... Perhaps someday you'll master this platform, but I won't be volunteering my car for further experiments.

2017 M3 ZCP
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