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Default 10-29-2016, 01:55 PM

Originally Posted by rhylea
Hello there,

I have just carried out the BMS BEF using MHD. All went perfect and very quickly. Just went for a quick spin (didn't log it) and have noticed some codes. Now I have had these codes before when the US-spec PPK was installed (accidentally instead of the Euro-spec) and it was to do with the fact that the AUS-delivered cars DO NOT run a DMTL pump prior to the charcoal canister. As such, I now get these codes again due to it not seeing the sensor/s. These codes in no way affect the running of the car, its just annoying that they show up in the code reader.
So I just wanted to point this out, as anyone who installs the BEF for their non-US-spec cars will probably gets these codes. If anyone from BMS has a way of eliminating these codes from the BEF, that would be great too.
We don't have this issue on the MHD flash only map, because those contains only the tuning tables and are applied on top of the proper OEM, region specific map.

But since the BMS maps are canned US bins, some settings do not apply for non US specs cars. Disabling some codes such as DMTL is already doable though. What codes are popping up?

Originally Posted by NorCalN55
Solid information, Keyap!! Thank you.
General question:. Is the speed limiter removed in the mhd jb4 bef?
looks like speed limiter is set to 0 so yes.
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