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Default 10-22-2013, 07:19 PM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Decided to jump on the dyno today just to see where it stands on pump gas and get my feet wet with it. For those that may have missed it we're using a FFTEC 6466 kit.

I ran it at ~19.5psi with a pump gas flash I've been street tuning and it did pretty well. The car has 3.46 gears so these runs were done in 5th gear as 4th was just too short of a pull to see what was going on with the tuning. The car has midcats in place currently.

Overall, not a bad starting point. Next up we'll be reworking the exhaust a bit and raising the boost/advance for some E85 tuning.
How does the trans seem to be handling this power right now?

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