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Default E90 Pre-Lci hood options - 05-22-2013, 10:04 PM

I am now modding the outside of my car since I cant mod anything else LOL! So I am looking at hoods and honestly cant find a hood I am crazy about....I can find awsome hoods for LCI put not Pre-Lci. I like the look of this JGmods hood but I wish the vents where a bit staggard like the vorsteiner or something similar instead of right next to eachother, is there a hood like this? I am not a fan of the V style hood. I must be searching under the wrong name...any pointers would be great. I will be also reserching CSL style trunks lid, bumper with diffuser if anyone has some good pointers. I have seen to many horror stories of DD CSL trunk lids...that is a no go. Pretty set on the M3 front bump with V style lip. Side skirts are also challenging to find for E90 LOL!!

Any advice is appreciated, will continue to search also.

Here is the JGmods hood that is not bad:

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