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Originally Posted by Torqued
I got the JB4 today, and got it partially installed (no fuel wires yet). I took it for a spin on the stock plugs, with Map1 and 93 octane. To say I am a bit blown away by the amount of power this car is putting down already would be an understatement. It is night and day different already. for that Kudos guys, this thing is pretty awesome

HOWEVER, I will say while your online docs were helpful, they were lacking in one spot in particular....THE DARN RUBBER GROMMIT! I wish you would have put some more time into showing how that part is done. I wasted a huge amount of time on that....there is even a video out there which suggests putting a hole in the grommit, which i found hard as hell, and eventually i just went to the side of it....wish i did that to start!!!!!!

Lastly, I think it would be worthwhile for you to spend the extra coin on loop plugs like the other wires for the fuel wires/O2 sensors instead of the wire taps. For one, it would make install and removal of the fuel wires 10x easier, but it would also prevent idiots like me from dropping the freggin grey piece into the land of no return....(the reason I didnt install the fuel wires ). Either that, or give us some extras, because those cant be found any where locally that ive found. I did find them on amazon, and thankfully I have 6 more on the way.

Anyway, here are two very short pulls. Please take a gander if you dont mind! Once again, well done, and dont take my criticisms as overly negative, i am just trying to let you know what may help the next guy.
On grommet you just push it out from inside, run wire through, and push it back in. Takes maybe 2 min total and no holes are required. We'll have to make a better video of that soon. Maybe the AWD models have a different grommet?

Two short logs seem fine. We have replacement posi-taps on our site also, should the need arise.

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