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Default Buying a 335i n54 Have a few Questions - 09-13-2021, 04:17 AM

Hi guys im currently in the process of looking for a good condition (which is rare lol) bmw 335i. I know that BMW offers certified refurbs on their site and my best bet is to purchase through them. My main question is regarding after purchase preventative maintenance. I wanted to know what current 335i owners replaced upon purchasing their vehicles. I know hpfp problems and wastegate, making sure car has oil fan etc. However I really want to transform the car and engine and to make it bullet proof. I would not mind replacing working parts with I guess better made parts that would technically last longer. Money wise at this moment I will have about 6k left after purchasing the car (for parts etc). I just wanted to know what the best route would be to take for this type of car.

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