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Default 09-04-2015, 05:47 AM

So I went out and grabbed a quick log. Couldn't do my normal multi gear log due to time of day

I have a 335is, DCT, FBO, E80, etc blah blah. Stock inlet/turbo on a BuraQ flash. I logged Cyl 1-6 corrections and Cyl 1-6 raw timing. As you can see raw timing is exactly the same cylinder to cylinder. No variation during the shift. No lag post shift. No corrections.


Your turn See if your guy can log the JB4 RB DCT car but this time use Cyl 2-6 timing corrections instead of raw timing (too bad you can do both at same time!). That would give us an idea if that lag is just slow data rate from logging or actually post shift timing correction/lag.

Hopefully I am not side tracking your thread. This seemed like an interesting and relevant discussion and I'm definitely not bashing your tune. The shift looks okay to me but I am curious about the lag being correction vs slow data rate/etc. It is something I never really explored when I used the JB4 before.

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