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Default 09-04-2015, 05:13 AM

Originally Posted by trebila
the thing is:
in most of Buraq logs, cyl 1 timing dive to negative timing (retard) during upshift, and is not logged as a timing correction (look at cyl 1 timing correction). So why woud it be the case in my logs ?
So we can think all cylinders may have the same behaviour. Only way to know is to log raw timing.
Good point. I only used JB4 Cyl 2-6 corrections for like 2 logs back in the day and I didn't really care for how it displayed so I went back to raw timing. Corrections are just easier to read with Cobb/MHD in Datazap. I am not sure if your DCT log would show those as corrections or not. Cyl 2 and 6 did lag behind until almost 6k of the next gear which is why I assumed it may be a correction.

So yes raw timing needs to be logged to know for sure. You could also log the DCT with JB4 corrections as well to see if there is any correction displayed in the shift window. With MHD it shouldn't be a problem to log corrections and raw timing on all cylinders at the same time/same log for quick comparison.
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