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Default 03-06-2015, 07:57 PM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Yes, normal JB4 firmware works the same way.

Yes, that would be pretty easy. Say you don't need or want any of the JB4 features for some reason then I'd suggest you buy one of our $279 JB+ modules that installs directly to the TMAP sensor with the following changes:

1) We'll add the PNP connector for the 3.5bar TMAP
2) We'll rescale boost out so that say 14psi reported is 14psi and 21psi reported is say 28psi. So you'll be able to rescale your flash maps in that range. There is a POT on the device so we could make the upper range adjustable so you can maximize the resolution for the desired boost target.

What hardware is included?
1. I love the JB4 features, cool that you can do it with JB+ as well for a flash only setup. But I really don't want to be losing the JB4 features.

I think we're going to reach inner tuning nirvana, great customizable drivability down low. perfect boost control/tuning up top with live dash monitors. (jb4 is very good but not too customizable drivability wise.)

2. My mistake MHD works via hooking up a dcan via OTG cable is that right?

I couldn't be more thrilled about this new tuning setup... now we just need delivery.
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