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Default 02-10-2011, 01:18 PM

Originally Posted by Bimmer Barney
Nice work jox! I was thinking about this last night too. It seems as though the technology exists to allow a blutooth or wifi communication to occur. Imagine being able to communicate to the JB4 on the netbook, tablet, or smartphone without any wires connected! That would be awesome!
Thank you!

Bluetooth connection is actually quit simple, that was one of the first things I tested. So far I've only done some prototyping on a breadboard, and the components was quite expensive (>$70), but I'll try to source some cheaper components and see if it can be done easier/cheaper.

Personally I'm more interested in a dead simple logging device that can be used to automatically log to a SD-card. I really don't like to have a laptop distracting me when I'm driving.
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