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Originally Posted by codesx
I'm in the process of further dialing in my tune, with Payam. I'm freaking loving it.

I've read posts talking vaguely about launching/accelerating in such a manner as to not snap crank-shafts or bent rods.

I'd like to fall within the maxed out, but not snapping things category.

Please share your knowledge with me!

-I'm an Auto. Convertible, fat and heavy. (<- car)
-Map 6, 19PSI Flat (from 1500 RPM)
-Meth injection (ensuring clean timing all the way through)
-My rear tires are 275 wide, Indy 500, slick-like treads, grabbing great in the dry hot (and terrible when wet)
-I can spin my rears (easy enough), but can switch into second by 4500 RPM to minimize momentum loss
-Second gear holds (traction off) with just a mild singing if there is any mild deviation in the road
-I'm sure I'm under 4 seconds to 60mph, calculations to come (logs show 3.5 seconds to 60mph from a 40' roll start, hammering at 10mph, zero boost at 'go')

Launching: Given the specifications; Out side of the A/T, is this enough power to damage the drive shaft (or other) if I brake-boost for 1 second? Should I strictly roll launch? Should I reduce boost in 1st to 15 PSI rather than 19? Should I graduate the currently Flat 19 PSI quickly rather than full 19 at 1500 RPM?
Do you have a log when you are launching ?
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