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Originally Posted by ddnspider
Terry and I have discussed what you're seeing in that log many pages ago. We're not totally convinced that that is knock you're seeing because it ALWAYS happens right around 52-5400 rpm's. It may be a drop in the spark advance table. If you're on the threshold of 2 rows or columns in the airflow vs. rpm vs. spark advance it may jump to the next row/column which calls for a decrease in timing. As you can see from the graph it drops ~3* right there and then timing continually climbs afterward. He could try dropping the boost and see if it goes away, but I'm not positive that its knock. If only we had that knock counts PID *cough* Terry *cough*
Ahh the log I was referring to was a different more recent one that was never posted. I got Dragy a week ago and have been logging 0-60 & 1/4 mile runs.

I've been logging consistent 12.6-12.8 @ 110-113 but had one run using Map 6 +5psi go 12.9 @ 108 with similar ign pattern as the one Randy posted. The car felt noticeably slower that run so I assumed timing was being pulled? I would post it but i accidentally deleted the log.

But I appreciate the explanation to the log you're referencing a few pages ago. I was still confused as to why the log looked that way. The info you provide is definitely very helpful

2019 Q50 RS AWD
12.19 @ 115.87 on 93 (Map 6)
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