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Originally Posted by RandyNester
Terry how does this look to you?
This looks like timing is being pulled. Did the car feel slower?

I recently had a Map 6 +5psi log with a similar ign pattern that was timed on dragy. Map 6 +5psi went 12.9 @ 107 vs Map 1 +4psi 12.6 @ 112

I also ended up doing a few runs in mexico after a few cars came up to my normal logging spot and ran Map 1 back to back to back all with very clean logs.

Also if anyone cares, I logged 4 0-60 runs with an empty tank of Costco 93 then got a full tank of Shell 93 VPower and ran faster times by .10 consistently. IIRC a full tank in the q50 is around 160lbs so it should've been slower

2019 Q50 RS AWD
12.19 @ 115.87 on 93 (Map 6)
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