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Originally Posted by keyap

The 98G0B version of 7635160 is 8639188 which uses 0da 8639189.
The 98G0B for our cars suggested by Hanswurst in the first post is 8647154 which uses 0da 8647153.

I expected these to be pretty much the same but they are quite different?
Hello new to the forum as I am interested in doing the PPK flash for my vehicle.

I've gone through most of the stuff posted in the thread but I can't seem to find a definitive answer for my questions... or maybe just cause its already 2am here as I'm typing this...

So i noticed that everyone is stressing the fact that they would like to flash with the 8G0B ROM of the PPK, or in my case (8639128).. Is there any reason for that, as from what I'm getting is that they just want this level of ROM so that they can retain their COBB flashes..

That being said, could I just flash the 8G1B version of the PPK which has a ZUSB of (8666660):

since my car was updated in Nov of 2015 with 8666612 as I don't really care for the COBB or JB4

Originally Posted by naschine
Had my car updated by the dealer last year in May. PPK was flashed a month later without a problem.

Car was 98G0B and now I'm on 98D0B PPK. According to my sources, you can just flash the correct, older ZUSB.
So is it safe to assume that you just straight flashed the 8D0B ROM of PPK directly or did you downgrade the ROM version() to the respective ZUSB that your 8G0B superseded first then do the PPK flash?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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