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Default 09-14-2015, 08:40 AM

Originally Posted by Cynical
You have to hand it to Rob though. He keeps making products for problems that dont even exist and the lemmings just keep eating it up.
Odd that only his turbos have oil/drain issues. If the drains were kinked and flow was hindered in any way we would all be smoking 24/7/365 from the oil backing up.
First his PVC was the solution now a few years later its the oil drains. Amazing.
Have you even finshied producing your mythical
Inlets yet before you began another groupbuy?
Or was the plan to just keep sucking as much money as possible before anyone noticed?
Hey Tony,
VTT is the company that takes customers money for products that don't exist. Stage3 kits, shotgun hpfps ring any bells? Nice try tho.

Rob, put me on the list.

2009 135i 6MT Jet Black, FBO+
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