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Originally Posted by VargasTurboTech
. As for that guy (you and rob both tried to post the same link, and I appreciate you highlighting a prerson with so many trouble free miles on his turbos), who isn't even sure if its the turbos leaking. That guy? Man you honestly make yourself sound more, and more, and more ignorant every time you open your mouth. Its pretty entertaining, so keep it up for us!
How about another guy Tony? Honestly I was going to let it go since every time I post fact about VTT turbos and fangirls from other site would neg rep and shut me down. You even went out of your way and removed my account from posting. Pathetic.

Here are the pics of the rear VTT OEM replacement turbo that didn't last even more than 3k miles. The tech tried to clean it so hard and you could see in 2nd pic there's still built up there which means the turbo was leaking slowly and building it up. I bought the m4 back in October thus the reason I didn't drive the n54 more often. If i was, the rear turbo was probably would have failed even sooner. The front turbo looks normal so don't even try playing the tuner card.

I understand all turbos could fail due to defects. But how you treat your customer and communicate with them appropriately is taking an educated person to do so. Obviously you have none. You called your customer a troll while your customer didn't manipulate/post untruth things. And oh yeah, I didn't replace used turbos so don't fantasize yourself on the other site that I ended up with used turbos. You posted untruth things on the internet then lock/remove people accounts that would give them a chance to reply, that's childish.

Rob, sorry to post this one on your thread. I would have signed up for these if you had them a month ago. Got turbos replaced.

I have more pics if anyone would like to see them.
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