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Default 09-03-2021, 10:45 AM

Swapped back to factory intercooler this morning. Ran great on Map1 at first. The closest I have been to the 12psi target since I installed the VRSF intercooler. See attached log for a great 4th gear pull (1st run). AFRs look great, everything looked and felt great.

Right when I though I finally found the boost leak I hit limp mode again while attempting another 4th gear pull. The last run shows it not building boost, not even reaching 9psi.

I am getting the car back on the lift and will be sticking the factory charge pipe back on there to see if it is the BMS charge pipe that sis really leaking. What has me baffled is that I seem to get a few great runs in and then it all of a sudden develops a leak. I am starting to wonder if it is a loose fit on one of the o-ring seals that seal initially, but eventually gets pushed out under pressure. I just hope it all works again after I swap to the factory charge pipe.
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