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Originally Posted by Z_god203
Not for nothing half of the the things you guys advertise you can do you canít literally all you can do is change the map other wise you canít read codes canít clear codes. Half of the reading displays donít work. The passive delete doesnít work cause it canít read the codes. Thereís no way burger doesnít have anything it canít be that much different if I knew you couldnít do half the stuff I wouldnít have wasted the money. And every time you look for help the answe is we donít have anything ?
Most of those issues are related to the platform. The E70 is OLD. If it doesnít report stuff, the JB4 canít read it. Not to mention that the E70 has the original N63, which is a ticking time bomb. None of the tuners want to go very far with it because of that. Passive delete none of us have on any platforms. Commiefornia ruined that for us.

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