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Ok the e85 explains the trims. With e85 added in your dme has to call for increased fuel flow with the trims signal.

With the trims signal about maxed out, the dme has no further ability to increase fuel flow to a control afr.

So you need to give the hpfp a bit of support to bring the trims signal down. You do this by increasing the value of the FOL or fuel open loop. FOL is the bias the jb4 applies to the hpfp.

I would bring yours up to 60 and relog to see if further adjustments are needed.

I would also bring your FF or feed forward down to like 100 to help get your wastegate learning sped up so your wgdc doesn't continue to sit at 99 so much. The jb4 would do this over time but it would take several pulls at least with yours at 140.

Suggest reviewing this:
Logging Parameters and their Meaning - - International Turbo Racing Discussion
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