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Maybe this has been answered already but this thread is long and excuse my ignorance but with stage 2 hybrids can you just run pump gas, no e85, no port injection, no upgraded lpfp? My stock turbos are going and I ordered hybrids because it just didn't make sense to me to order stock, figure i may as well upgrade now, giving me more options add more power in the future. I currently run jb4 with back end flash on map 5 on my stock turbos. Also, when you say for e85, at a minimum you need to run stage 1 lpfp, does that mean in conjuction with port injection or tbi? I'm thinking about upgrading to to your stage 2 lpfp & running your meth injection with an e85 blend, port injection seems to intimidating to me. Is this a route I could go? I'm assuming it is because the wording says "for e85, no meth, port injection is required" so to me that sounds like it can be either or? Thanks.
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