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This post will likely be for Terry however i'm open to suggestions from all. I have a bit of a unique vehicle that I'm trying to get finished up for a friend but we are encountering a 2ABC code which is putting the vehicle into limp. The vehicle has a new engine, single turbo, and a DCT swap into an E82 so it uses a different DME configuration then what it came with. It was originally an IJE0S and is now configured as an INA0S as a 335is to accommodate the DCT. This code and issue came up about 1000 miles after the work was all performed and was relatively fine until we did some tuning pulls. Once we parked the vehicle the next time we started it we got this code. it wasn't consistent at first it would come and go every once in a while but now it is solid. I checked the harness and didn't see and corrosion to the N20 sensor and then traced the harness in the bay from there and no damage to the sheathing so I assume all the wiring inside it is fine. Decided next to replace the sensor so we replaced it and the code still persists. I then figured perhaps the back end wasn't correct so I tried reflashing some old ones that never had the issue occur on them and the issue still persists. I took a look at the JB4 harness to see if I could find a loose or bent pin in it but am not sure where this particular sensor's wiring would be in the harness. I took apart the connectors and all the pins seemed intact except one which I saw a very slightly bent pin that was a bit lost along with another that was a bit lose. As far as I can tell it's still lining up with the right pin receiver and making contact so I don't think that would be the issue tried pressing on the wires behind the pin to ensure they were connected when the connectors were pressed back together. at this point, I suspect the JB4 board or the harness any suggestions of ways to test this or what to look for?
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