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Hi Terry,

I'm thinking to go with the n54 cast PURE turbos as a replacement and wanted to get an idea if I could continue using your JB4 G5 ISO piggy on map 5 (Without the BEF) as I have with the stock turbos? Once I get time I would actually get the car tuned.

Goals: I'm fine with under 400hp on 91 pump gas, I don't think the 6AT AWD would handle more than 500hp so I would like to stay under that once tuned?

My car is a 2008 335xi 6AT with 186k miles on it. I'm getting a turbo siren/howling on my original stock turbos under low load driving. I also have had a lot of wastegate rattle since 125k miles on the clock. I have noticed a lot of oil consumption as well, always get 30FF, and often get lamba codes.

Below is my list of parts I have yet to order:
* Pure n54 cast turbos 2"
* BMS inlets 2"
* BMS vacuum side OCC
* FuelIt Stage 2 bucketless LPFP
* Turbo install kit (BMW Turbocharger Installation Kit - 11627558906KT | FCP Euro)
* Corteco Motor mounts
* Waterpump + TStat + bolts + U Hose + Bypass hose
* Oil pan gasket + bolts
* Valve cover (cover + gasket + bolts)
* All four 02 sensors
* Spark plugs (BMW ZGR6STE2)
* oil change (Walmart Castrol 5w-40 changed every 7500 miles) + Mann filter

I am not sure if my Rear Main Seal is leaking, if it is, then I might need to pull the motor and maybe do the front main seal also and install outlets?

What is already on the car:
* JB4 G5 + cable + DCI + D P fix @ 5 Oclock
* ER CP with TialQ BOV
* Full ER FMIC anodized with CF Shroud
* AR D P s

Maintenance items performed last summer (FCPEuro parts)
* New coolant reservoir + Cap + expansion tank line + upper radiator hose
* New OFHG
* New starter
* pulley/tensioner/belt kit
* new spark plugs
* new vacuum lines (All 19 feet)
* new boost solenoids
* New front brake kit and brake fluid
* 6AT pan and fluids
* transfer case fluid
* front control arm kit (6 piece)

History (around 2014):
All new index 12 injectors @ 90k miles
Carbon blast @ 90k miles
Delphi coils @ 90k miles

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