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Originally Posted by Nniftyfour
The checksum is happening...
Donnie was going to port the app but dissasembling the bin is taking priority right now. The BB flash team believe they can fully disassemble the bin into the native assembly code and fully understand everything including logic and table relationships in the DME.

I highly recommend people throw them a few dollars for their troubles/to buy disassembly software. If they complete this and release the source people smarter than me could start making new features like boost by gear etc. we wont only have access to changing table values.

but more realistically shift flatline will be a thing of the past 100% and you'll get your idle and knock tables Terry.

If they succeed will you consider making a map 0 that completely passes through the JB4 so people can run a daily map using the more advanced torque management of the DME and have JB4 for RACE maps essentially. I'd loved to have a 18 psi daily tune but increased boost at my fingertips via JB4.
This +1

if you care about the platform advancing, you should throw some money to the (smarter than me) folks over on bimmerboost doing the disassembly...

I'm the most agnostic person there is when it comes to software, whether that be productivity tools for work, software for my car.... it's a fine balance of financial incentives & performance. Right now I own JB4, BT cable for flashing and am using the MHD option. Very excited for a dyno day next month as well as a trip to Sacramento drag strip for some testing.

Right now, MHD is almost there and I see a lot of potential with the renewed enthusiasm I see on the technical n54 boards! Boost by gear and some other features sound so appealing

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