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Default 09-11-2020, 07:22 PM

It is essentially the same engine and setup.

The T6 in your vehicle has the B4204T27 which is what I call the T27. The system will work for your car.

I have been doing a lot of Beta testing to make sure this is safe for use. I have about 6,500 miles on it.

I have found the Ethanol Limit of our engines and what to expect. I also have a walkthrough on how to install it. However, I am trying to make sure I have a Dynochart to make sure we have HARD NUMBERS as to the changes.

I was recently approached by a guy who he and I had a hair-raising run. He was in a stock AMG GT-R... he found me after a couple of months after that run we had during the height of the Corona-Speeders thing... he was impressed with how well the Volvo kept pace with him.

Anyway, that had nothing to do with what you were asking. Sorry for the delay in the response to you. I've been trying to keep track of this forum!
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