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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Was able to hit the dyno today for a little baseline testing. Car is all stock with around 1000 miles on it, running on 91 octane with a few gallons of E85 added in for good measure.

Did all runs in 5th gear and wasn't able to find a good way to avoid the downshift without just flooring it slowly preventing valid readings below around 3500rpm. Kickdown hasn't been an issue on the road so maybe just a dyno headache. Despite that got some great baseline runs and was able to play around a little with the early JB4 tuning.

Also not 100% if the boost calibration in the JB4 logging software is accurate yet. Working on confirming that. It's in the ballpark though.

Best stock run was 456whp and 448wtq at around 22psi peak and the best tuned run was 501whp and 506wtq at around 25psi peak. In areas of the curve gains were 60whp+ so overall quite a big power jump for the modest boost increase. Which is good news for tuning!

Next step will be to take over wastegate control with the JB4 so we can push boost a little higher and see what this 2.9L can really do.
@Terry... what mode did you do the dyno runs on? Iím pretty sure it was manual but did you run it in N, D, or Race?
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