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Default 05-19-2019, 11:53 PM

I have just exchanged the rear shocks (Sachs) with all the related bushings etc + rear sway bar (stock was 13mm, now it is M3 22,5mm irrc) and M3 supporting frame silentblocks...
Well, the result is somehow mixed feelings... ride is definitely not any harsh (old shocks were leaking), road noise pretty much the same, tail is firmer when going out of exit... however... you get inside wheel spin any time you look at the gas during cornering, even jacking the car up shows how stiff the bar is (wheel goes up almost immediately)...

And the worst is that this all have not solved my problem with unstable rear at higher speeds (on/off gas steer, 150km/h not feeling stable, even hard braking from these speeds upset the rear)...
I have replaced the rear M3 arms, had the geometry done (car goes straight, doesn't pull anywhere, rear tires hold thread fine). I have ordered aftermarket toe arms, other than that I have no clue where the play is hiding...

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